The ethos of a great Academy should be evident as soon as a visitor walks through the door, we believe that it is so important that it should be made specific to all that have an association with the Academy. At Wapa we believe the ethos of the school and the influences it brings enables children to achieve academically and behave in a socially acceptable way. Parents know what they want for their children, in spite of current trends, and we believe that this is why Wapa remains a popular choice because parents recognise those influences being prioritised within our ethos.

The ethos of the Academy should influence all that come into contact with it, the children, staff and the parents, and this allows forms of behaviour to be worked out. We, feel that by working in partnership and being open with each other, we can establish a rapport and an atmosphere of mutual support, which allows the children, their families and others involved in the Academy to feel secure. We do not tolorate ANY form of bullying and encourage students to inform us of any activity of bullying to allow us to deal swiftly with any issues.

Key Vision Principles:

* An Academy where every child achieves their full potential in every aspect of a broad curriculum

* An Academy of happy children who demonstrate responsibility and maturity and who are growing in confidence and independence

* A well-managed and led Academy where all staff are committed to providing the best possible environment for learning in pursuit of excellence

* An Academy with the necessary space, staffing, resources and facilities, and where everything is well ordered so that staff can teach and children learn purposefully and without distraction

The Academy ethos aims to achieve two things:

* To raise standards of work.
* To raise standards of behaviour.

We believe in:


* To see the good that is in me and to be thankful.
* To forgive and be self forgiving.


* To think about the needs of others as well as myself.
* To be thoroughly fair and helpful in my dealings with everyone.

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