W-A-P-A Code of conduct 2012
all students and parents are expected to observe this code of conduct at all times
we encourage you to print a copy of this out for your own reference.

  • no chewing gum allowed on the premises.
  • please encourage pupils to drink water, as whilst exercising their bodies will need re-hydrating.
  • no food or drink with the exception of water to be taken into the studio area.
  • all pupils bags and clothes must be placed in the changing area only, please refrain from leaving items around on the floor. do not block any doorways and exits. do not leave any valuables unattended in the changing rooms.
  • children with hot drinks must be supervised at all times and must remain in the waiting area. (w-a-p-a will not be held responsible for any accidents.)
  • please place all rubbish in the bins provided, also ensure all cups are emptied in the sink prior to placing in the bin.
  • pupils must not enter the studio without a member of staff being present.

  • stiletto heels / outdoor shoes must not be worn in the studio area.
  • no jewellery or watches to be worn whilst dancing (small stud earings only)
  • w-a-p-a academy uniform rules must be adherred to at all times – failure to do so may result in non admittance to the relevant class.
  • you are required to bring all equipment into the studio with you (inclusive of notebook, pen and water).
    please do not put your tap shoes on until you are in the studio. and all tap shoes screws must be tight as they damage the studio floors

  • when an unexpected absence occurs please telephone the studio on 01422 351958 and leave a message for the relevant teacher.
  • when a pre-planned absence, for example a holiday or school's extra curriculum activity etc. occurs, please enter the details in the
    absence book located in the reception area (full name of pupil, reason for absence and dates).
  • punctuality is very important- please be ready for the commencement of each class, due to health and safety we have to stipulate that
    if you are more than ten minutes late, you will be unable to participate physically in the class but you may watch extra curricullum activities

  • all extra curricullum dance based activities must be agreed with the academy principals prior to application.
  • pupils enrolled at w-a-p-a are exclusively trained – therefore no attendance to any other dance schools will be permitted. This is to avoid any conflicts that may arise with rehersals and/or performance in other schools/acadamies performances.

  • you are expected to act in a courteous manner to staff and fellow students at all times and any form of bullying inside or outside of the
    academy will not be tolerated. you should be friendly, respectful and helpful to each other.
  • you are expected to support, encourage and work sensibily with your fellow class mates at all times.
  • any injury or pain incurred during class should be reported to the teacher immediately so that they can help you with the problem.
    if you are ill or injured it is your responsibility to stop, notify the teacher and seek help.
  • you must warm up prior to class, this is for your own safety and will prevent any unescessary injury occuring.

  • all payment of invoices must be paid by the allocated date – failure to do so will result in a 5% surcharge being added and thereafter
    a further 5% with each week the invoice remains outstanding.
  • all private lessons are to be paid prior to the commencement of the class and should be in an envelope with the name of the pupil on the front.
  • all payments whether cash or cheque must be submitted in an envelope
  • all cheques should be made payable to w-a-p-a.
    re-imbursements cannot be given for lessons missed.
    similarly, if a period of absence occurs during term time, we are unable to deduct from the invoice regardless of notification
  • once enrolled, any student wishing to leave the academy must give the academy one months cancellation notice.
    opening and closure of academy
  • the academy will endeavour to open for classes on time at all times.
  • the academy will inform of any early closures via this website.
  • if pupils are not sure of class times, they should contact the academy by telephone 01422 351958.
  • the academy retains the right to close due to adverse weather conditions, bereavement, building or staffing issues.
  • classes are non refundable in cases of the academy closing due to adverse weather conditions, bereavement, building or staffing issues.
  • in cases of adverse weather conditions please check the website www.wapa.co or our Facebook page before planning your journey if you can not check these please call 07544 28 17 98.

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